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If you belong to professional community of engineers, economists, lawyers and/or you are part of private, government or a civil society organization that want to enhance decision making based on facts and evidences this is right place for you-Join us.

The Society is organized according to Bosnia law on non profit basis and volunteers are the heart of this organization.

Membership is open to all engaged in M&E practice or theory, to all who conduct, use, order or have intention to learn more about monitoring and evaluation practice.


Evaluation Society in

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Name of the recipient: Udruzenje evaluatora u BiH

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Name of the recipient: Udruzenje evaluatora u BiH

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Sarajevo, 19 December 2014 years .

Association evaluator in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo today organized a round table titled " year of Evaluations " . Today's round table was realized in cooperation with USAID , organized on the occasion of the proclamation of 2015, the year of the evaluation by the United Nations.  At the round table next to representatives from USAID and UN Bosnia and Herzegovina,  was also attended by representatives of NGOs, public institutions and the academic community.


The round table concluded that the association of Evaluator's in BiH will work on promotions of the objectives of the Third International Conference of National evaluation organizations, held in Sao Paulo on 29. September 2013. Through the instruments of evaluation is going to improve the lives of people through better planning of public policy.

 Evaluation Society in Bosnia and Herzegovina will continue to work on promotion of evaluation theory and practice in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Evaluation Society in Bosnia and Herzegovina proposes conclusions and activities to enhance accountability in using public funds. 

In line with conclusions and objectives of the Evaluation year we propose, and seek support, to:

1.                    1.        Enhance awareness

             1.1.   Organize round tables and final conference

1.2.   Establish monthly  Newsletter to be developed into  Journal/Magazine E-VAL

1.3.   Establish strategic alliances with government, non-government and academic institutions

1.4.   Distribute copies of the book Road to Results to municipalities, cantons, entities and state level government bodies, academia and NGO

1.5.   Prepare Communication strategy in order to promote M&E in Bosnia

1.6.   Establish cooperation with the media (possible trainings)

1.7.   Alert donor community about Evaluation year 2015 so they can support activities

1.8.   Generate report “State of Evaluation” to assess current status of M&E within country

1.9.   Strengthen regional networking (regional conference, round table etc)

2.        Improve data transparency and  availability

 2.1.   Lobby for making all data transparent and available

2.2.   Organize conference Demand and Supply for Statistics Current and Future Trends

2.3.   Establish sectorial database on the webpage 

3.         Enhance local capacities through trainings to government, NGO and academic institutions in:

3.1.   Establish cooperation Organize trainings in statistical methods

3.2.   Prepare database and mailing list of experts and those who support M&E in Bosnia

3.3.   Organize regional mini IPDET/BALDET training

3.4.   Organize trainings in SPSS, STATA, Dev Info

3.5.   Organize trainings in Research methods

3.6.   Organize trainings in Econometrics

3.7.   Organize trainings in PCM, Project preparation, Monitoring, Evaluation

3.8.   Strengthen regional Knowledge sharing (regional conference, round table etc)

3.9.   Open an LinkedIn account to strengthen knowledge sharing and networking

3.10.Encourage academic institutions to start curriculum development for M&E courses


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